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Roy Koriakin

Official Site of Produced, Hired and Sold Works of this Screenwriter


Original, Hired, and Hired Re-Writes of Scripts

Original, Hired, an Re-Writes of Scripts

Hired on Three Re-Writes: First re-write was a complete rewrite. Second, was to significantly reduce budget. Third, to beef up role for a spcific name talent.
OVERVIEW:(Available to Be Produced)

PROJECT NAME: "Subway Son”

TYPE and GENRE: Feature Length Drama
LOGLINE: A struggling drug addict/musician finds fame while surviving on the streets and meets his estranged father for the first time, a washed up country star whom struggles with the same demons.
COMPARISON FILMS:   “Once” meets “Crazy Heart”

BUDGET: $1.5 Million

ATTACHMENTS: “Nick Jonas” has accepted the lead role for $500k and is awaiting a pay or play offer for 250K down, to attach and hold him until next May, that’s when his schedule is open. 

Other Name Talent attached: Tom Sizemore, Beverly D’Angelo,  Clifton Powell, Justin Guarini

Production/Investor Package Available

Writer of "Where's The Halo", A Christian Road Trip Comedy
I was hired to write this Christian Road Trip Film from dozens of ideas written on dozens of different documents. I was give three weeks to write the first draft. The producer who hired me wanted to push the boundries in the Christian Film world, and develop  a Christian version of "The Hang Over". He said his nephews wanted to watch the "Hangover", but felt bad about watching it. So, he wanted to make something for them in the same vein,  just with out the cursing and nudity. But, still with lots of crude and fun humor.
OVERVIEW:(Available to Be Produced)

PROJECT NAME: "Where's the Halo?”

TYPE and GENRE: Feature length Christian Road Trip Comedy
LOGLINE: An awkward angel named Sam, on her first visit to earth, joins a youth pastor and his quirky agnostic neighbor on wacky  adventure across county worrying about everyone else's souls, while running  from thier own problems.
COMPARISON FILMS:   With a modern twist of a Christian Version of "The Hangover" meets the original "Naitonal Lampoons Vacation"

BUDGET: $2.5 Million

ATTACHMENTS: A partnership has been made with "Creation Fest", the biggest Christian Rock Festival, with over 150,000 attendees annually to shoot at the two festivals while they are actually happening. Hopefully being able to capture that market simultaneously.

Production/Investor Package Available

Writer of Feature Film, "Mancation", Distributed By Lions Gate.
I was hired to write the first five drafts of "Mancation". The story was based on a long weekend adventure they had in Atalantic City that involved many weird characters and situations. The sixth and seventh drafts, the producers brought on two comedy writers to collabertively punch up the jokes. Because of the extremely gross and absurd content/humor of this movie, I used a penn name,  Alexander Grant to not associate myself with the film.

"Absolution" Feature Drama Film Script

This is an original project that took me about 3 years to write. Getting notes from many professional writers along the way. It is probably my most coveted and favorite script I have written. It was inspired heavily by the first season of "True Detective". I just fell in love with the dirty and grittiness of backwoods folks and the underbelly of America.

PROJECT NAME: “Absolution” 

TYPE and GENRE: Feature-length drama/thriller

LONGLINE: Hoping to absolve himself, a top investigator seeks to exonerate a brutal murderer, a youth he tormented as an adolescent, but the price to clean his conscience may destroy all he holds dear. 

COMPARISON FILMS: “Seven” meets “True Detective” meets “Sleepers”. 

BUDGET: 2 Million Dollar Budget 

Production/Investor Package Available

"Here Comes the Rooster" Feature Coming of Age Film Script

I was hired to write this script by a professonal musician whom had dozens of notes written on various forms of random papers, napkins, and even a piece of carboard. We worked together through eight different drafts. 

Title:“Here Comes The Rooster”

Genre: Coming of Age Dramedy

Similar Comparison: "Napolean Dynamite" Meets the "Karatee Kid"

Logline: Rooster, an extremely quirky poverty struck kid with Asperger’s is forced to face his fears and literally fight for him and his disbaled mom's life in the least likely of places, on a high school wrestling mat.

Budget: 2 Million Dollars

"Real Friends" Feature Comedy Film

Real Friends was an original concept of mine that I dreamt up after thinking about how all these millenials don't interact with the real world any more and just stare ar there phones all day trying to make virtual friends that they don't even know. I thought, what if two kids compteted for the most virtual friends in the world and became famous for it. They went on talk shows, did charity events, even hosted partys, all from their keyboards in their bedroom.They would never learn to interact with the real world. What if all got pulled from under them and they were forced to go out into the real world for the first time. I loved the thought of competitive awkward super nerds competing for real friends in the real world.  I knew Comedy would ensue. 


Title:“Real Friends”

Genre: Comedy

Similar Comparison: “Superbad” Meets “Step Brothers”

Logline:     Two  adolescent internet geeks achieve celebrity competing for most virtual friends in the world. When it comes to a screeching halt, armed with no real social skills, the two awkward rivals are forced to compete to make real friends.

Budget: 1 to 2 Million

"Untimely Love" Feature Romantic Comedy Road Trip Film

"Untimely Love" was an original concept that I thought about how in are youth we put these people that we have crushes on up on a pedastal. And as we get older we realize that the person probably wasn't a good fit at all. So, what if a guy never came to that relaization about his nieghbor that he obessesed over when he was thirteen. And after a she passed from a fluke accident. With modern technology he could bring her back from the dead for thirty days. Except, not only is she completely opposite of what he thought she was, she is a complete train wreck, and he must be her legal guardian fot the next 30 days going along with her across country as she visits all her crazy exs and old friends. What the two start to realize is, even though they are completely different. Sometimes different works.

Title: “Untimely Love”

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Similar: "50 First Dates" meets "The Notebook"

Tagline: “Love Has No Time Limits…”

Logline: Sean's childhood love suddenly passes away. Having not seen her for twenty years he pays for a new procedure to temporarily bring heback to life . Now, as her leagal guardian, he must accompany her last days as she drags him across country and visits the all the crazy characters from her past.

Budget: 2 Million

I've always like moves where two characters switch bodies and get to expereince the extreme opposites of their life style. What I have not seen yet, is a movie where a young and attractive male and female flip flop into each other's bodies. Throw in the comedy of exploring their new found bodies and add a destination wedding and all the awkard rituals: bachelor parties, drinking, and family interactions .There's so much good comedy built into this situation that it practically writes it's self.

Title:“Flip Flop Wedding”

Genre: Comedy

Similar Comparison: “The Switch” Meets “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

Logline:  Old College Flings, now just friends meet for a night out and myesteriously end up switching bodies before going to her destination wedding. Now switched, they must go through all the silly premariage rituals as they slowly they start to realize how good they are together.

Budget: 3 Million 

Script Status: Only done First Draft

"Flip Flop Wedding" Feature Comedy Film

"Love MeTo Death", a Feature Drama/Thriller Film

"Love Me To Death" is dream scenario for shooting a indie movie. For 80% of the film, you only have two characters on tropical island estate on the beach. A twenty year old breath taking actress on her last dollar in NY gets offered a role of a life time. To act like she falls in love with a middle aged dying billionaire living alone in his pictutresue Island estate.After several months of living a perpetual honeymoon life, she really falls for this man. Until and event turns him for the worse. As his sickness progesses, he lowly becomes volatile and insane. To the point where she fears for her actual well being. As much as she actually loves him. She must break her cobtract and get out of there. Months later she hears that he has died. She mourns for him until a clue appears that the situation and sickness was faked. She researches and finds that a group of affluent men every year, pick a girl to torment in this house, and that make bets on how long she can last for their own amusement. She gathers dirt on all the involved men, including her still alive ex-lover, and holds them accountable for what they have done by threatening not to send out information of what they do to all their acquaintances in exchange for a very large amount of money. The men, with no choice, wire a large sum of hush money into the very rich young womans account. 

Title:“Love Me To Death”

Genre: Drama

Similar Comparison: “Indecent Proposal” Meets “Vertigo” meets "Dying Young"

Logline:  A young actress down on her luck gets offered the role of a life time. To fall in love with a dying billionare. What seems to be a normal dying man turns out to be much more.

Budget: 1 Million 

Script Status: Only done First Draft

"Jeremiaha Johnson 3090" (A new take on the Classic Drama with Robert Redford. Now set In the Future on a distant remote planet.

I always loved the original movie "Jeremiah Johnson". So I took the basic story and made him a global bounty hunter in the future who decides to retire to a remote planet after accidentally killing a child, All he wants to do is be left alone in the middle of nowhere on this nasty almost inhabitable planet. Struggling to survive out in the elements he saves the daugher and grandson of the leader of the local tribe. A race some what similar to humans. Being forced to marry her and take her son as his own. They awkawardly live together , and slowly become a happy family. Now, Jeremiah, who just wanted to be alone, is now happier then even being a husband and father. Until, the long rival enemies of the tribe surfaces from below and kidnap his wife and child. Now, Jeremiah, brings out his old killing ways and goes underground to seek badass vengeance professional hitman style.


Film Comparisons:  "Guardian of The Galaxy” meets “Avatar”, meets "Jeremiah Johnson”


Log Line: An intergalactic hitman decides to retire on a remote planet after accidentally killing a child. While trying to live his nonviolent hermit lifestyle,  he  gets  forced into a marriage  from a local tribe and reverts to his old ways when his family gets abducted. 


Budget: 100 Million 

Script Status: Only done First Draft

"The Russian Sleep Experiment" Horror/Thriller

I was hired by Aldamisa Entertainment(they produced Chef, starring John Farveara) to write a first draft of the script that was based on an urban legend that was released as an article in 2007, and became viral. They gave me characters they wanted in it with specific backgrounds and how they wanted the acts to play out. I took about two weeks to the first draft. I was hired as ghost writer so do not own any rights to the work I have done or the script.


-Roy Koriakin is a professional  Line Producer/Assistant Director/Writer with over 14 years in the industry. He has worked on over 30 Feature films, and 100 Episodes of National TV shows.


-He has Line Produced 13 episodes of National Cooking TV Show, five TV Pilots, and 7 features films, one, is being released October 7th 2016 in 400 Theaters Nationwide.

He Worked on the hit MTV Show “Viva La Bam”, as a story producer for 30 episodes, and an associative story producer for another 30 episodes. 


-Koriakin has written 19 feature films, two that have beed distributed by Lions Gate, five  films that he has been hired to write and three additionals that he has been hired to do rewrites on.


-With selling five films personally to major distributors he has dealt with negotiating terms and contracts with distribution companies and has delivered several films to distributors.


For any inquiries, please contact Roy Koriakin:

Tel: 856-625-5463 ||

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